High Performance Cartridge Hydraulic Oil Filter 0160D010BNHC

Product Description high performance element hydraulic oil filter 0160D010BNHCDescriptionIn the hydraulic system, equivalent  HYDAC Hydraulic Oil Filter element used to filtration the working medium of solid particles and glue bindling substances, effective contro

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Product Description

high performance element hydraulic oil filter 0160D010BNHC


In the hydraulic system, equivalent  HYDAC Hydraulic Oil Filter element used to filtration the working medium of solid particles and glue bindling substances, effective control of the working medium degree of contamination.The series filter element is a filter imported equipment alternatives, can replace Hydac filter cartridge use. 

high performance cartridge hydraulic oil filter 0160D010BNHC


ProductEquivalent HYDAC Filter
Part Number0160D010BNHC
Out Diameter69mm
Efficiency 21 Micron
PressureHigh Pressure
Company typeManufacturer


1. remove the pollutant easily
2. circulation area large
3. pressure loss small
4. simple structure
5. light weight
6. filtration material uniform

Options abut Equivalent Hydac Filter

D series:0030D,0035D,0055D,0060D,0075D,0095D,0110D,0140D,0160D,0240D,0280D,0330D,0500D,0660D,0990D;
R Series:0030R,0060R,0110R,0160R,0240R,0330R,0660R,0850R,0950R,1300R,1320R,1700R,26007R;
DN Series:0040DN,0063DN,0100DN,0160DN,0250DN,0400DN,0630DN;
RN Series:0040RN,0063RN,0100RN,0160RN,0250RN,0400RN,0630RN,1000RN.

0030D010BH4HC0160DN006 BN4HC1300R020BN4HC0140D110BH4HC
0030 D010 BH3HC0160R 010BNHC1300R020BN4HC/B6 0140D003BH4HC
0030R010BN4HC0160R010BN3HC  1300 R 200 W / HC / -V0500R020BN4HC
0030D 020BNHC0160R010DN4HC1700 R 005  ON / -V  0500R100WHC
0030D005BH/HC0150R010BN4HC1700 R010 BN3HC2600R010BN4HC
0030D005BN4HC0160MA010BN  1700R020ON HC9801FDT4H
0030D003BN3HC   0160 D 010 BH4HC1700 R 005 ONHC9100FKS8H
0330D010BN3NC0160 DN 010 BH4HC1700 R 010 ONH96008020BN
0330-D010-BN4HC0160DN010BNHC1700R020ON/PO/KBHC 9021FDP8H 
0330 D 010 0N/-V0160 DN 006 BN4НС 31/131700R-010 P/HC  HC9021FDT4Z 
0030 D 010 0N/-V 0160DN025W/HC 240D-020BN4HC 0280R010BN4HC
0330D005BH4HC 0160DN050W/HC    1271554 2600R003-BN4HC 2600R020BN4HC/-V-KB
0330R020BN4HC 0160DN006BH4HC 2600R005-BN4HC2600R020BN4HC
 0040RN010BN4HC 0160R020BN4H   2600R010-BN4HC2600R005BN4HC 
0040DN010BN4HC0160RN010BNHC2600R-10-BN3/HC B6 2600R005BN3HC
 0075 R 010 BN4HC0160 R010 BN4HC2600R010ON0100DN010BN4HC
0075 D010 BN4HC  0150R010BN4HC0240D005BN4HC-VPN-SO5580165R010BN4HC
0660 R003 BN4HC/LED-KB0165R010BW4H  0240D010BNHC0165R020BN3HC 
0660D020BN4HC0165 R 020 BN4HC0280D005BN4HC 0160D020BN3HC
 0060 D 10 ON0160 D 020 BN4HC0280D005BN3HC0500RS125W/-SFF
0660R100W/HC /-V   12877390240D010BN4HC 0280D010BN4HC0660R020BN4HC
0660R010 BN4HC0240 D 010 BN/HC 0280D010BH4HC0240D020BN4HC 
0660R010BH4HC0240D005BN4HC0280D020bh4hc 0060D010BN4HC
0060R010BN3HC 0240DN025W/HC0280D020BN4HC2600 R 010 BN4HC/ -v- B4 -
0060 R 010 BN4HC0240D025W/HC 0280D020 ON FP-2600R-10-BN3HC/-B6
0660 R010 BNHC 240D005BNHC 0280 D 010 ON2600r010bn4hc/-b6 
0660R005BN4HC0240D003BN4HC/V0256 D010 BNK4 P/DF-A 1300R 010 BN4HC/ B4 -KE50
0660D005BH4HC 0240D010 BH 3 HC 0500D005BN4HChydac 349494=husky 3768791
0660R020 BN3BC0240D 020 BN4HC0500D010BN4HCN5DM002
0660R025W/HC/KB0240R010BN/HC280D-020-BN4HC N15DM002
0660 R003 BN4HC/LED-KB0240D010BN3HC0850 R 010 ONBDE400N2W1.0(1.65MW,2.0MW) 
0060 R 005 BN3HC0210R015MM/-V0850R025W/HC1300R 010 BN4HC/ B4 -KE50
0060D005BN3HC-V 0250DN050W/HC 0850R025W/KB1300R100W/-KB-VPN-SO558 
0500R005BN4HC0250 DN025BN4HC0850R026W/KB1300R005BN4HC/KB
0500R010BN4HC0250DN025BN3HC0850 R 020 BN4HC1000RN010BN4HC
0660D010BN3HC0160 D 025W/HC0850R010MM/-KSNF631.10VG.10.B.V-
0660D010BN/HC0160 D 025W0330 D 025 W/HC RF BN-HC 950 F020 B1.1
0660D-010-BN4HC 0160DN025BN4HC0850R005BN4HCRF BN-HC 660 P010 D1.0/L24
0660D010BN4HC -V0330R010BN/HC-2  0850R010BN4HC/-V-B6 RKM300BTFXXA1.0/B6-CV3/V
0660D020BN3HC0330R025W/HC 0850R010BN4HC/-VRF BN/HC 950 DO 10C 1.1
0660D020BH3HC 0330 R 003 BN4HC0095 D 010 BN4HC RF BN-HC 950 F020 B1.1          
0660D025W/HC 0330 D 010 BH4HC0990 D 010 BN4HCRF BN-HC 660 P010 D1.0/L24
0660D003BH4HC0330D005BN4HC0990 D 005 BH4HC3115180 N15DM 010 H034
0660D003BHHC010 D 0330 BN3HC0990D003BN4HCHYDAC DFBN/HC110G10B1.X
0060 D010BH3HC0330R010BNHC RFM3300180 S075 W/-BO.2
0060D003BN4HC/V 0030 D020BN4HC 0007L010P 0180 MA 010 BN (315726)
0060D005BN4HC0330D010BH/HC-2 0180S125W C/FB 1300R025W/HC
0060 D010 BH4HC 0330D010BH/HV0950R010BN4HC/VН 1.03.16 R 06 BN4 
0060D 020 BN4HC 0330 D020 BN4HC0950R020BN4HC0950 R 010 ОN 
0060D020BN-HC 0330R020V/-V0950D020BN4HC0660 D 010 ON 
 0060 D010BH4HC                                                      0330R100WHCV0950R005 BN/HC0660 D 005 ON
0660 D020BH4HC 0330R010 BN4HC0160D010BH3HC0660 R 010 ON
0110 R 050 W / -B60330R010BN3HC0060R010P/HC/B10660 R 005 ON
0110 D 020 BH3HC0300RK010BN3HC/V0950R020BN4HC2600 R 010 ON/KB
0110R010BN4HC  0300RK010BM3HC/V0950R003BN4HC1300 R 005 ON/KB
0110D050W/HC1300R020BN4HC0950R003BN4HC/VRF BN/HC240 R L 10 D 1 . X 
0110 D 010 BN4HC1300R020BN4HC/-B6 0950R010BN3HCDFBN/HC 110G10C1   
0110 D010 BH 3HC  1300 R010 BN4HC 1700R010BN4HCDF BN/HC-160-G-3 D1.X/L24
0110 D  BN3HC1300r010bn3/hc-b41700R010BH4HC/KBABZFR-S0250-10-1X/M
0110 D 005 BH3HC1300R010ON 1700 R 200 W / HC / -V-KB0160MG010P
0110D005BN4HC 1300 R020 BN4HC/LED0400DN010BN4HC0160MU003M 
0110 D005 BN3HC1300R005BN3HC/V-KB0400DN010BN/HC1.11.13D06BN
0110D010BNHC 1300R003BN4HC0400DN 006 ВN4НС 31/13DFBN/HC110G10D
0110D010BN4HC RF ON 1300 D P 3 D 1.1 /-L20060-D010-BH4HC/-VDF BN/HC 660 T F 5 B 1.0
PR4500=0100RN010BN3HC1300R010P/HC0060-D025-W/-V100 G 125A1.0 
F/EG-A0110D010BN4HC 1300R010HP0800RK010BN3HC 0180S125W 
0060D10 ON 1300R003BN4HC 0240 R 020 BN4HC/-V-SFREE0050S125W 
0160D010BN3HC 1300 R 003 BN3HC 0110 R 025 W / HC2300D06BN
0160D010BN3HC-V1300R010BH4HC/KB0110D025W 2300D10BN

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Package & Delivery about Equivalent Hydac Hydraulic Oil Filter 0110D003BNHC:
high performance cartridge hydraulic oil filter 0160D010BNHC

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high performance cartridge hydraulic oil filter 0160D010BNHC
high performance cartridge hydraulic oil filter 0160D010BNHC
high performance cartridge hydraulic oil filter 0160D010BNHC
high performance cartridge hydraulic oil filter 0160D010BNHC

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 high performance cartridge hydraulic oil filter 0160D010BNHC
high performance cartridge hydraulic oil filter 0160D010BNHC
high performance cartridge hydraulic oil filter 0160D010BNHC
high performance cartridge hydraulic oil filter 0160D010BNHC

high performance cartridge hydraulic oil filter 0160D010BNHC

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