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Industrial Filter Dust Collection Air Filters Cartridge elementCylindrical Cartridge Filter Specifications:O.D.I.D.LengthFilter AreaFilter Media324 mm213 mm660 mm21.00 m2Cellulose base352 mm241 mm660 mm23.00 m2Cellulose base324 mm213 mm750 mm26.00 m2Cellulose base324 mm213 mm880 mm27.00 m2Cellulose base324 mm213 mm915 mm28.00 m2

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Industrial Filter Dust Collection Air Filters Cartridge element

Air Dust Collector Filter Cartridge Filter Element

Cylindrical Cartridge Filter Specifications:

O.D.I.D.LengthFilter AreaFilter Media
324 mm213 mm660 mm21.00 m2Cellulose base
352 mm241 mm660 mm23.00 m2Cellulose base
324 mm213 mm750 mm26.00 m2Cellulose base
324 mm213 mm880 mm27.00 m2Cellulose base
324 mm213 mm915 mm28.00 m2Cellulose base
324 mm213 mm660 mm9.40 m2Polyester base
352 mm241 mm660 mm9.40 m2Polyester base
324 mm213 mm750 mm10.70 m2Polyester base
324 mm213 mm880 mm12.50 m2Polyester base
324 mm213 mm915 mm13.00 m2Polyester base

Filter Construction:
1.Caps: Electro galvanized / Stainless steel, no rust
2.Inner core: Galvanized mesh / SS perforated plate
3.Outer: Galvanized mesh / SS mesh / Strip band
4.Gasket: Urethane rubber
5.Straight and uniform pleat spacing
6.Durable structure and excellent workmanship

Filter Media Types:
1.100% cellulose(Suitable for large dusts collections)
2.Cellulose/polyester blend(Suitable for humidity conditions)
3.Flame retardant cellulose(Suitable for flammable dusts)
4.Spun bond polyester(Suitable for abrasive dusts)
5.Antistatic(Suitable for antistatic dusts)
6.PTFE membrane(Suitable for very fine and sticky dusts)

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Air Dust Collector Filter Cartridge Filter Element

Applicable to gas turbines, compressors, sand blasting, tobacco volume wiring, fly ash, filter dust drift.
1. Description: Excellent performance on moist, hygroscopic, or agglomerative dust.
2 Marktets: Thermal spray, welding, mining, chemical processing, metal buffing, pharmaceutical,cement, woodworking and etc.
3. Dust types: Fumed silica, metallic fume, metallurgical powders, and etc. 
4. Available for collectors: SFF/XLC, SFFK, Torit DFT
5. Substitute: Donaldson, Nodic, BHA

Replacement Donaldson dust air artridge:
P191005 P191752 P030171 P030228
P191249 P030204 P190978 P190979
P191992 P191502 P191592 P191939 P030195 P191995P146555 P146555 P534557 P191988
P191334 P191358 P191705 P191708 P191751 P191968
P030205 P030256 P030257 P191774 P030001 P191596 P191748 P125310
P030085 P030190 P030206 P030086 P030191 P030207P191399 P191595 P191744 P191789
P030229 P030230
P190949 P191006 P191031 P191234 P191310 P030071 P191782 P190844 P190847 P195778
P030050 P030065 P030067 P030252 P190848 P191469 P030227 P190856 P191129 P030034
P030151 P030158 P030169 P030173
P030175 P030178 P191039 P191107 P191150 P191178 P191238 P191281
P191619 P191773 P191962 P199711 P030243 P030244 P030245 P030246 P777171 P778230 P030165P030025 P030166 P030168 P030172 P030174 P030179 P030192 P191033 P191037
P191149 P191177 P191236 P191280 P191607 P191701 P191772 P191961 P199710 P191261
P191295 P191731 P191754 P191788 P191937 P191964 P030183 P030184 P030253 P030254
P191617 P191713 P191726 P191790 P191461 P191462 P191463P191581 P191587
P191589 P191949 P191738 P030064 P030072 P191781 P030070 P191767 P157523
P031290-016-340 P034363-016-340 P033997-016-433 P034058-016-429
P034040-016-436 P033850-016-433 P191442-016 -340 P031475-016-340
P191828-016-340 P033113-016-340 P191868-016-340 P034156-016-436
P031823-016-002 P191551-016-340 P031581-016-002 P031621-016-002
P511339-016 -002 P511338-016-002 P033559-016-340 P511332-016-002
P031403-016-340 P033353-016-436 P033138-016-436 P191874-016-340
P191877-016-340 P033888-016-436 P032954-016 -340 P032947-016-340
P032952-016-340 P032953-016-340 P032950-016-340 P032951-016-340
P034227-016-436 P032949-016-436 P031387-016-340 P032948-016-436
P033112-016-436 P031411-016-340 P033427-016-436 P033108-016-436
P033204-016-436 P031345-016-340 P034312-016-340 P034670-016-436
P033998-016-433 P034125-016-436 P031412-016-340 P033993-016-436
P033348-016-436 P031287-016-340 P034238-016-431 P033978-016-340
P033652-016-436 P033426-016-436 P033651-016-436 P033647-016-436
P526592-016-340 P191151-016-340 P033735-016-340 P526591-016-340
P033739-016-340 P033980-016-436 P034041-016-436 P033346-016-436
P033341-016-431 P033100-016-436 P033908-016-436 P033999-016-340
P033349-016-340 P033577-016-436 P033876-016-436 P031577-016-002
P033994-016-436 P033740-016-340 P033836-016-436 P033347-016-436
P033114-016-436 P033118-016-436 P033355-016-436 P033104-016-436
P033943-016-436 P033946-016-436 P034411-016-436 P033759-016-431
P033976-016-002 P034396-016-436 P034355-016-436 P034369-016-340
P034318-016-436 P034332-016-436 P034225-016-436 P034299-016-436
P034206-016-436 P034220-016-340 P034157-016-436 P034198-016-436
P034060-016-340 P034076-016-436 P033842-016-340 P031294-016-340

P033337-016-436 P032750-016-002 P031848-016-002 P033887-016-436
P033643-016-436 P034366-016-340 P033584-016-340 P033195-016-429
P033849-016-340 P191870-016-340 P034668-016-436 P033928-016-436
P031298-016-340 P031340-016-340 P032367-016-002 P032398-016-002
P033183-016-340 P031592-016-002 P031236-016-340 P031332-016-340
P033146-016-436 P032801-016-340 P033137-016-340 P031336-016-340
P190896-016-340 P031410-016-340 P031349-016-340 P034046-016-340
P191827-016-340 P033184-016-340 P031380-016-002 P191865-016-340
P034064-016-436 P034281-016-436 P033182-016-340 P033087-016-436
P031474-016-340 P031286-016-340 P031328-016-340 P033101-016-340
P031470-016-340 P033843-016-340 P031234-016-340 P033198-016-436
P033096-016-340 P031233-016-340 P033929-016-340 P191860-016-340
P191845-016-340 P032565-016-340 P033197-016-436 P191825-016-340
P031372-016-002 P191859-016-340 P031350-016-340 P034219-016-340
P522963-016-340 P134186-016-340 P031685-016-340 P190931-016-340
P033924-016-433 P191145-016-340 P034080-016-436 P191625-016-340
P191197-016-340 P191512-016-340 P031851-016-436 P191115-016-340
P199411-016-340 P191116-016-340 P033023-016-340 P033840-016-340
P030592-016-340 P030685-016-340 P033086-016-436 P030590-016-340
P033615-016-436 P032232-016-436 P031568-016-340 P031791-016-436
P033931-016-433 P032403-016-340 P199609-016-433 P032221-016-433
P199612-016-429 P199418-016-433 P199476-016-426 P199415-016-429
P031585-016-431 P034077-016-436 P199419-016-431 P199611-016-431
P033477-016-436 P199413-016-431 P031424-016-436 P032355-016-436
P032931-016-436 P033334-016-436 P199475-016-436 P199610-016-436
P199474-016-436 P191920-016-436 P191889-016-436 P034662-016-340
P031716-016-340 P032731-016-340 P190901-016-340 P033063-016-340
P190914-016-340 P033298-016-340 P191804-016-433 P033085-016-436
P196121-016-429P191139-016-429P031653-016-431 P191065-016-426
filter for a Donaldson P034077 016142

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Air Dust Collector Filter Cartridge Filter Element

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Air Dust Collector Filter Cartridge Filter Element

Air Dust Collector Filter Cartridge Filter ElementAir Dust Collector Filter Cartridge Filter Element

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Air Dust Collector Filter Cartridge Filter Element

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Air Dust Collector Filter Cartridge Filter Element

Q1.What is your packing clause?
Answer:generally, we put our goods in neutral white boxes and brown cartons. Or customize any kind of packing according to your request. If you have registered a patent legally,We can put the goods in your brand packing box after receiving your authorization.
Q2.What is your payment condition?
Answer: T / T 30% as a margin, 70% before delivery.Before the balance is paid, we will show you the photos of the products and packaging.
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Answer: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDU.
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Q6.What is your sample policy?
Answer:if we have spare parts in stock, we can provide the sample, but the customer must pay the sample cost and the cost of the sample.Express delivery cost.
Q7.Did you test all the goods before delivery?
Answer: Yes, we have 100% tests before delivery.
Q8: how do you make our business a long and good relationship?
Answer: 1. We maintain good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit.

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Air Dust Collector Filter Cartridge Filter Element

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