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CLSJ Mini Tower Crane High Performance Tower Crane Manufacturers Manual Welcome to our products.Please read the manual before using the machine.This manual will help you correct and effective use of the machine, to create the best economic benefits, more important it is to avoid the occurrence of a number of tower cran

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CLSJ Mini Tower Crane High Performance Tower Crane Manufacturers 

Clsj Mini Tower Crane High Performance Tower Crane Manufacturers

Welcome to our products.
Please read the manual before using the machine.

This manual will help you correct and effective use of the machine, to create the best economic benefits, more important it is to avoid the occurrence of a number of tower crane failures and accidents.
Note: Due to advances in technology, the structure of the tower crane, performance may appear inconsistent with the description of physical phenomena without notice.

1. Read carefully, keeping the product manual.
2. Before each tower crane installation, you must carefully check and repair the tower crane.
3. Ensure a high degree, the magnitude, weight, torque limiter safety devices work properly.
4. It prohibited the use of the anti-boom slewing brake. ★
5. Non-super-wind speed work.6, broken wire, broken stocks, deformation must be promptly replaced.
7, according to the instructions require regular maintenance.

 1,  Outline
The machine is a horizontal boom, the rotary crane. Maximum working range is 9m.
The aircraft weight 2.17 tons, the total installed capacity4.8kW, AircraftExcellent and reliable performance, attractive appearance, excellent quality, simple and practical structure, equipped with advanced safety devices, easy maintenance, use of safety.
2, the technical performance parameters
2,1 technical performance parameters and supporting organizations list
electric motormodelYDEJ132S-4/8
Rotating speedr / min1440/720
powerkW3.3 / 2.2
Reducerreducer BL22-43
Drive ratioi43
Rope layersFloor4
Rope capacitym180
RopespecificationAlternately twisted 18 × 7-7.7
Height limiterAXQ type
Lifting speedm / min22/11
Rated weightAmplitude m96




Frequency electromagnetic brakeelectric motormodelYZPEJ90L-4
Rotating speedr / min1440
Drive ratioi391
Slewing supportingModel modulus of teeth 011.30.630 m = 6 Z = 126
Swing speedr / min0.9
Working Rangem6 meters or 9 meters
Total WeightT2.17
2.2 Power parameters:
2.2.1 Total machine power:4.8kW
2.2.2 Supply voltage: ~380V ± 10%
2.2.3 Supply frequency:60Hz
3, Construction cranes brief
QTG10 climbing tower crane within a metal structure, drive means, electric control, safety and protective devices and other components, and features for each of the following partial structure:
3.1 The overall layout :( see Figure 1)
Fastened to the machine by the concrete beam structure attached to the framework, the upper end of the tower and connected to the lower turret, the turret above the rotary bearing outer ring connection. Fastened on the inner ring slewing the rotary part comprising a rotary turntable, cap tower, balance arm, boom, hook, hoisting mechanism, turning mechanism, these components are rotatable about the respective axis of the tower 540 ° for a full swing with the horizontal plane.
Two jib boom and the tower cap connecting rod, which is connected to the root of the pin on the turntable, the balancing arm are connected by two rods with the balance arm column cap, and its root is connected by pins on the turntable. Lifting mechanism installed in the rear balance arm, right turning mechanism disposed on the revolving turntable, the hook is pulled by the wire rope by the hoisting mechanism, in a direction perpendicular to the ground reciprocate up and down.
Clsj Mini Tower Crane High Performance Tower Crane Manufacturers
                                   figure 1

Metal moiety 3.2
Metal moiety of the turret main tower, attached to the framework, the lower slewing ring, on the turntable, the column cap, the balance arm, boom, boom lever, the balance lever arms, hooks and the like.
3.2.1 tower :( see Figure 2)
Supported by the tower section, standard section, lift stand with three standard parts.
? Standard section is welded spatial truss structure formed by the set angle, each of two upper and lower connecting the tower section, are made of high strength bolts M20 × 90, connecting nut. Wherein the main strings are made of standard section ∠ 752 × 6, diagonal web members and the web members using a linear ∠ 402 × 4 ,
The main supporting section chord using ∠ 752 × 6, diagonal web members using ∠ 402 × 4, the intermediate web member using straight channel [6.3. Standard section with the lift stand in the upper support section for lifting
Clsj Mini Tower Crane High Performance Tower Crane Manufacturers

figure 2
3.2.2 boom(See Figure 3):Boom cross section of an isosceles triangle, diagonal web members, the horizontal diagonal web members are seamless steel tubes, two upper chord and lower chord are tube402 × 4, A total of three boom composition, between two sections 12 with high-strength bolts M12, the third end of the arm welded two roller supporting channel, the winding end of the arm a pulley bracket is welded, made from wear around steel wire rope used.
Clsj Mini Tower Crane High Performance Tower Crane Manufacturers

                                          image 3
3.2.3 turntable (seeFigure 4):The turntable on the turntable by the turntable and lower two portions composed of an upper turret revolving tower welded from a rectangular angle formed by welding and the like, which is welded at the top corners of the plate lug is connected by pins to the column cap, the lower end 24 and fastening strength bolts M16 inner rotary bearing, a front pin and with a boom connected to the root, the rear connecting pin and the root balance arm, with the turret rotating mechanism on the right, the pinion and the rotation of the rotary mechanism large ring gear is supported, fixed to the lower rotary support since the upper carrier, when starting the turning mechanism, the turn table can make more parts in the tower crane tower and do axial rotary motion.
It is under the lower rotating turntable bearing, the outer ring and the rotary bearing 24 at a table with high strength bolt fastening M16, the turntable 4 is connected via the high-strength bolts M20 standard section, the entire load from the top of the tower crane slewing passed to the next turntable support.
Clsj Mini Tower Crane High Performance Tower Crane Manufacturers

                                       Figure 4
3.2.4 tower cap (see Figure 5):Column cap plate is welded by a channel structure, and the angle formed by the pipe group, the rotary tower is connected with the bottom, the top plate is provided with ears, respectively boom lever balance arm pull rod is connected by a pin.
Clsj Mini Tower Crane High Performance Tower Crane Manufacturers

Figure 5

3.2.5 the balance arm (see FIG. 6):Balance arm is welded truss structure formed by a set angle, the lifting mechanism is mounted in the rear mounting bracket, the arm can be placed in the middle of an appropriate balancing weight according hoist.
Clsj Mini Tower Crane High Performance Tower Crane Manufacturers

                                       Image 6
3.2.6 balance arm lever (see FIG. 7):Balance arm by the welding rod is made of round steel and plate set structure, the connection arm and the tower cap.
Clsj Mini Tower Crane High Performance Tower Crane Manufacturers

                                 Figure 7
3.2.56 lever arm (see FIG. 8):Forearm and the rod is welded by a round steel plate group having a structure, the tower is connected to the arm cap. Forearm can be changed from six meters nine meters, 3 meters removed intermediate one forearm, at is a schematic

                                       Figure 8
3.3 Building beams carrying capacity: When installing tower, building capacity to deal with the cross member carrying the accounting, carrying capacity should be equal to or greater than, respectively, listed in a table data.

P1: building a vertical force suffered
    F1, F2: building suffered horizontal force

                                    Table load beam of a building
 build build Thing Support Load
Working condition30.71.2

And electrical control means Work 3.4: Working mechanism comprising: a lifting mechanism, the turning mechanism of 2 parts.
    3.4.1 slewing mechanism:
    Slewing mechanism is mainly composed of a motor winding, a planetary gear, the pinion gear and bearing components, compact structure, transmission ratio, smooth starting and braking.The modelFrequency electromagnetic brake motor YZPEJ90L -4-1.5KW motor drag, byRemote control apparatusSwitching control circuit, turning around, a rotary mechanism is provided with normally-open type electromagnetic brake, it can only be used to locate a complete stop after the rotation.

3.4.2 Hoisting mechanism:
Hoisting mechanism mainly consists of a motor, speed reducer, reel, stop lifting height etc., mounted at the rear of the balance arm, which mechanism comprisesYDEJ132S-4/8-3.3 / 2.2KWThree-phase motordrive,Control different contact by remote control means, thereby changing the wiring of the motor to achieveShift, to obtain a desired slow lifting speed and the position accuracy ,,
3.5 safety devices:
3.5.1 lifting height limiter lifting mechanism installation portion from the spool shaft, driven by the spool shaft, with the upper limit switch, hit the block by the trigger travel limiter switch limits the maximum tower crane lifting height.
3.5.2 anemometer: anemometer tower mounted to the top cap, provided with alarm means, operating state of more than six wind alarm operation when more than four lifting the wind, should stop working (user-configurable).
3.5.3 with a red light on top of the barrier height of the solar tower crane
3.6Installation and removal of the crane
3.6.1 In the second place, three floors of a building starts out a 700X700 square hole, attached to the frame is mounted above the two, three hole, in a suitable position on the attachment frame flapper pressure. Below the third layer hole will connect standard section, after mounting the third, the third surface has a floor in the third layer.

3.6.2 In this case the lower turret slewing ring, on the turntable, in turn mounted on a standard section.

3.6.3 arm mounting on a turntable and then, in turn, the column cap, the lever arm, and bracket hoist winch mounted on the rear arm mounting bracket and the turntable.
3.6.4 the boom, the boom lever mounted on the rotary table, the hook wire rope wear around them.
3.6.5 with two hand lifting chain of 2 tons lift up the tower, at floor level and the remaining section is mounted on the lower end of a standard tower crane.

3.6.6 schematic hoisting ropes reeved

4. Cranes repair and maintenance:
4.1 Routine maintenance: carried out before each class and make inspection and maintenance records.
4.1.1 Check the retarder oil, such as lower than the predetermined oil level, the fuel should be promptly, oil must be clean, there are not corrosive and dirty oil is mixed, applied through the filter screen refueling.
   Each grade oil reducer: reducer lift-up means: 70 # industrial gear oil
                      Rotary speed reducer mechanism: gear oil # 90
4.1.2 turning mechanism, the size of the rolling bearing slewing gear pair and apply greasing.
4.1.3 Check power cable for damage, the loose coupling of electrical equipment to remove dust and wear.
4.1.4 Check the contactor, the contacts of the contact corrosion and controller
4.1.5 check the coupling bolts, loose or fall off, and to be tightened and additions.
4.1.6 Check hoisting rope, such as the number of broken strands nominal diameter of more than 5% or more than 5% wear, rope shall be updated. Check the wire rope is firmly fixed end, Shengka bolts are loose, and timely manner.
4.1.7 check the safety devices, such as the work of failure, should adjust or repair.
4.1.8 Check lifting mechanism and rotary mechanism braking performance, such as dead reliable, should be adjusted.
4.2 Regular maintenance: once every half months, and for inspection and maintenance records.
4.2.1 routine maintenance.
4.2.2 bolt connecting members to each other, once secured, if necessary, replace the nut or bolt rope at the platen and Shengka.
4.2.3 insulation of each electrical transmission equipment must be reliable or not leakage.
4.3 Periodic check: every six months to do the inspection and processing records issues.
4.3.1 Transport and storage process, should prevent damage to the metal structure, and to prevent deformation of the structural member, such as found in collision damage, the overall distortion or deformation can not be used without repair.
4.3.2 Check the metal structures and components, or materials which lands cracks, structural member inspection for corrosion phenomena found in time should not be used without repair.
4.3.3 each coupled bolts, pins if there is excessive wear or deformation should be updated.
4.3.4 Each reducer cleaning and re-filling oil, disassemble the rolling bearings and sliding bearings cleaning at cleaning, filling or painting grease during assembly.
Apply grease to the rotary sub 4.3.5 open gear.
4.3.6 Check and adjust the brakes, the respective safety device.
4.3.7 Maintenance and replacement of hoisting and luffing rope.
4.3.8 Maintenance and replacement of various wires, cables.
4.3.9 After each project, each component must spray painting once, fixed crane used to prevent corrosion, paint once within six months to a year.
5. Schedule
5.1 tower main components of dimensions, weight list
QTG10 main components of the tower dimensions, weight
nameWeight KgQuantityDimensions (length X width X height)Remark
Standard section66.47550 × 550 × 1250 
Support standard section84.21550 × 550 × 1250 
With bracket standard section75.91550 × 550 × 1250 
Attached to the framework61.631050 × 756 × 255 
Under turntable781Φ772 × 194 
Slewing ring1101Φ732 × 70 
On the turntable1181978 × 730 × 685 
Lifting bodies2951500 × 500 × 900 
Slewing mechanism981300 × 300 × 900 
After the arm6521500× 560 × 460 
Tower cap31.811582× 527 
Section forearm65.213000 × 567 × 520 
Section forearm9313000 × 567 × 520 
Section forearm82.813000 × 567 × 520 
Forearm rod37.61 setL = 2500, L = 2681, L = 2859One each of two
After the lever arm21.61 setL = 2000 
Winch mount12.611000 × 550 

How to Choose a construction hoist?

When customers select the building equipments, security issues should always be put on the top of the list. Therefore, all the safety devices should be checked before purchasing, such as limit switch, anti-fall device, loading capacity limiter, etc. All these accessories are necessarily prepared by standard suppliers.

In addition, customers should also investigate the company's history, production scale, reputation, credibility, the ability to take a risk, as well as the efficiency of the after-sales service.

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